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Predicting the Future is Crazy!

October 14, 2009 6 comments

My apologies for the long hiatus!!! It’s like when I’m working on a collage, I get in a major collecting mode, if I paste things down before I have all my images ready, it doesn’t come out right. Like a confused stew. Who wants that! I have to keep shopping for the right flavors, the right note. Or like needing the time to allow my mind to ripen before I can speak so that I don’t sound like a duck. My sense of timing doesn’t conform to calendar time. September passes, October comes, still no blog entry. Anyway I may yet quack a bit here or there but at least I feel ok about it. If you feel like acting crazy, then go ahead, find a safe place where you can be crazy and not hurt anybody, then watch what happens. You could learn something about yourself. I saw His Holiness the Dalai Lama put on a sun visor in the middle of his teaching at the American University this weekend. It was rainy and cold, but anyway we were inside so that didn’t even matter. He just pulled on his anti-sun visor in the middle of a serious teaching. It was burgundy and matched his robes, but had no topping so his dear pate shone through. He said yes, maybe you think how odd that I am wearing this cap, but I don’t care. And then he laughed a lot, which made the rest of us laugh too.

Maybe reading tarot cards for a living is odd. Ending a good job at a fabulous company, and be willing to go anywhere to read people’s cards for a donation, is pretty odd. Hahahaha!!!!

Timing is key, though. Maybe if His Holiness was wearing his visor at the very beginning, it wouldn’t have seemed as funny, and it wouldn’t have startled us into paying attention. Holding space and then taking action at the right time, and being in harmony with your environment when the ground is most fertile to support your actions, is skillful. Sometimes all you need is the perfect condiment for your stone soup to taste perfect, but who knows when one of your friends happens to come to your potluck with a can of smoked paprika? Who would have thought smoked paprika, anyway? You could force some chili into it if that’s all you had, but all that would do is make it hot and maybe your guests wouldn’t like the fire.

A lot of the people I read for are first-timers. My ego loves being the first! Some people who never had a reading before hesitate to get one because they think they’re gonna hear the date of their death, or that they should avoid planes.

Guess what: I don’t believe in predicting the future. Time is fluid, and while there are probabilities, there are also endless possibilities. I believe that the purpose of divination is to help people get clarity, to heal, discover possibilities, provide a roadmap of what’s happening so that you don’t feel stuck in a situation and feel it’s not workable. Everything is workable. Tarot, like any other divination tool I use, is to free people from suffering. That’s always my intention and viewpoint. We work with timing, to see that all of nature has its own rhythm and we can work with it so that we aren’t forcing ourselves to be something we’re not. Maybe we just need to be a little odd for a bit.

I used to consult psychics maybe once a month. Whenever I got a hot tip for a medium, clairvoyant, astrologer, etc. I was there! Then I would argue with what they told me—not to them directly, but in my head. How could these people, who knew nothing about me or my life, tell me who I was or what was to come? It was fascinating. I learned from all of them. Some of them were uncannily accurate and detailed, some, not so much. To me, I couldn’t imagine more interesting conversations than unraveling the fabric of one’s potential and destiny.

The fact that probabilities can be known— what the causes and conditions are of our thoughts and actions in the past- some long forgotten or unconscious, is the key to being able to read what’s fully happening in the present, and intuit probable outcomes. Any divination tool can pick up on this, since the mind is so powerful and thoughts too are energy. It’s subtle energy, and tuning into it is more etheric than reading one’s horoscope. These impressions aren’t set in stone, however. And even if they were, the stones themselves aren’t permanent!

Also we have total and complete free will. Some things are not inevitable. Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche’s mom consulted a powerful lama known for his highly accurate mirror divinations. He told her that she was meant to have a short life, but because her good karma propitiated this, she would actually live well beyond her time.

Further, the old rules about predictions don’t apply anymore. Scientists say the universe is expanding at a rate which is now speeding up, based on a formula involving the measurement of the time it takes to observe light from a supernova. The distance of the space-time fabric is stretching and overtaking the force of gravity. Which would mean that matter itself is not as *grounded* as it once appeared…. Some say that our external environment simply reflects the activity of our own mind. So as our minds change, so do our lives. And if time is a man-made construct, and the past, present and future are all happening simultaneously—then this blog isn’t really a late entry. And that tomorrow is the new today. And that wonderful winter holiday gathering you’re about to have is sitting right next to you, at this very moment—so rejoice!!!

Happy Kwaanza, Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas!

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