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April 4, 2010 3 comments

I love hanging with intuitives of all kinds.   I love meeting them,  learning how they work with the unseen world, and I even enjoy the regular advice I get from time-to-time.   I had a French friend in India who never made a move,  even to pee,  without listening to his Guidance first.   I hounded him regularly, noting although he never wore a watch,  he always seemed to be in the right place at the right time.   Then I became roommates with a girl,  also from France, who told me she too, had a Guide who helped her make decisions.   What is it about the French and their Guides?   I think the spirit realm is attracted to that sexy French accent.

Recently I heard this buzz about a special Baltimore psychic who was “incredibly accurate” and saw things that she “couldn’t possibly have known about”.   I also heard she was not giving readings for the next couple of months because she was going into surgery.   Her 20 year old nephew in Ohio has a rare,  fatal condition called Goodpasture Syndrome and she is donating one of her kidneys to save his life.   Her name is Jael Freedman.   A few days ago I had the honor and delight to meet her.

Jael’s energy leaps out like spring flowers.   She’s poised for anything,  especially a good joke,  and she laughs with you, like a cosmic friend who sees the silver lining even when you don’t.   She was born clairvoyant.   She’s also had success with finding missing persons, with absolutely nothing on that person except a first name.   “My parents were way ahead of their time,” she says.   “My father would always tell me that I was a whiz kid.   I could find out information that most people can’t and don’t.”

Wouldn’t you want to follow around someone like that too?

With me,  she described my writing style and a weekly column I had been envisioning without having read anything I’d written.   She also said I shouldn’t edit as I write because a lot of the stuff doesn’t come from me.   So if there are any errors in this blog,  please don’t think badly of me,  I’m only trying to be a clear channel.

She asked me:  “Did you make a promise recently?”

“Um, not really,” I said,  knowing only politicians promise anything to anyone.   “Just a Bodhisattva vow.”

“That sounds like a promise to me.”   She made me explain what it was and repeat it.   She reminded me how important it was.   I need reminding a lot,  it’s so healthy to have a psychic by your side who can see the truth behind the high fructose corn syrup.   That’s a metaphor, BTW.

I have to say speaking with Jael is truly uplifting.    I asked if she would answer some general questions about herself and the clairvoyant process,  and in her graciousness,  she agreed.   Below is an inside look into our dialogue…

CAL:  You have a special sensitivity for how souls speak to us,  like the energies who watch over us,  or that heart voice in souls who love us.   For example,  you’ve told me that I have some people around me who would give me their last drop of water if we were in a desert together,  or if they could,  they would want to plant a garden for me to reflect how they saw my own beauty.   Could you elaborate on this heart voice in souls?   Why do you think our personalities don’t normally speak this way to each other?

JF:   I give readings to remind people the essence of their true selves, the G-D in us all!!!   I am allowed in the moment of the reading by the person receiving the reading to explore their soul,  to enter into their subconscious.   The personality builds a protective layer to protect a light that needs no protection,  the light within us that has a deep desire to shine.   The personality cannot distinguish fact from fiction– the illusion is very real.   I understand this with the help from many guides– theirs and mine.   I believe that we are moving into a time and space where the soul will be free to express itself and the personality will no longer play a major role in who we know ourselves to be.   We came here to learn lessons to experience.

CAL:   You’ve had a lot of success with finding missing persons.   How did you realize this ability?

JF:   Believe me I amaze myself most of the time.   I am very powerful, we all are!!!!   I know myself to be someone that when I am committed to something it’s as good as done!!!   I am gifted and I am always willing to share my gifts.   I also believe that G-D sends people into my life and that HE/SHE works through me to fulfill what there is to fulfill.   To remind people there is a Divine Being,  The Source,  The Divine Intervention.   Of course I’d like to take the credit but I don’t work alone,  LOL!!!!

CAL:   What happens when you don’t feel like doing a reading, like you don’t feel clear or on?  How do you deal with doubt,  such as doubting the incredulous messages you might receive?

JF:   I remind myself it’s not me and it’s not for me.   I do take breaks to recharge myself at least I think I do.    Doubt???   When I hear the doubt that’s the ego/identity talking.   I just believe in the higher purpose.   The message is for the person not for me to decide if it’s true or not,  am I on or not.   If I go there I will defeat the purpose.

CAL:   Do you ever notice changes in yourself after you’ve done a reading or series of readings, whether in your body or mind?

JF:   Yes, I get very energized,  feeling love and loved,  I always walk away having a greater respect for human beings.

CAL:   Have you ever sensed something so negative about a person requesting a reading that you refused to meet with them?

JF:   Yes, not often but yes.

CAL:   How did your nephew react when he heard he would be receiving your kidney?

JF:   He told me he prayed every night and had been since he got sick.   I am clear I was sent to Ohio to see for myself and to know in my heart what had to be done.   My sister, his mother, said the other day “if you would have never come here to see for yourself the outcome would have been different”.   He was sacred, anxious, nervous, hopeful, excited– you name it.    I also knew they (the parents, step mother, siblings, himself) wouldn’t let themselves believe it was going to happen until I was on a plane headed there.   They had been so disappointed before that.   Another disappointment would have been too much to bear.   He is now counting the days until the surgery.   I do believe our souls conversed and we both knew I would be the one.   He is an amazing human being!  I feel honored to be apart of this miracle!!!!

Jael will be leaving April 15th for Ohio.   The transplant will occur Friday, April 23rd.  All your prayers, love, and good vibes for her and her nephew Joshua Wood will help us become a part of this miracle too.