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June 17, 2010 3 comments

Next weekend’s full moon lunar eclipse brings me a new appreciation for the beauty of astrology.  The symbols so succinctly show our relationship between our inner and outer worlds.   On June 26th, the very pregnant full moon at exactly 4 degrees Capricorn, becomes the consort of retrograding Pluto – Lord of the Underworld, the Great Transformer, and according to Barbara Hand Clow, the ruler of oil.  It’s a rare thing to have the Darth Vader of planets merge with the reflective light of the full moon– and doubly rare that it occurs during an eclipse.  Pluto intensifies the feelings and inconstancy of the moon, who longs for stability and security.  In Capricorn, these intense feelings have difficulty being expressed because there’s a pressure to show a stoic face so as not to appear weak.  This Moon/Pluto position also exactly opposes the ego lifeforce of the Sun in home-loving Cancer, who is allied with clever Mercury.  The Sun here with Mercury energizes the desire to protect, mother and nurture in a big way, and this combo would happily write a book about it!  Three other planets face-off the Cancer/Capricorn confrontation on either side, making a big red cross in a box (see diagram above right).   Jovial, expansive Jupiter (4 degrees Aries) together with electric, freedom-loving Uranus (0 degrees Aries) are like pumped up teens urging mom and dad to wake up and save the rainforest.  The Jupiter/Uranus combo are the future’s innovators.  The Cancer/Capricorn opposition also square Saturn in Virgo on the Ascendant.  Saturn in Virgo, is like the grandfatherly engineer who patiently, meticulously sees the lasting value of organic gardening.  With this big face-off, there’s a huge pressure for a transformation that must benefit one’s inner well-being– and it revolves around a core issue we’ve struggled with for a long while.  It’s a unique day of reckoning, like four different teams vying for the World Cup on the same field.

Traditional astrologers describe eclipses as harbingers of doom.  I don’t predict this will be the case, especially in the chart of the U.S. (it impacts the United Kingdom more dramatically).  After all, disasters have been rampant around the world on a regular basis.  This eclipse on the Cancer/Capricorn axis is not so common.  In fact, interestingly, we’re in the midst of four out of five lunar and solar eclipses in a row involving Cancer and Capricorn since July 7, 2009.  Also the grand cross for the U.S. occurs in the unflashy houses of work, service and values/beliefs.  I should emphasize that this eclipse would have the MOST effect on individuals with the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in the first 6 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn.   For these cardinal signs of the zodiac, actions mean alot.   These guys are the doers of the zodiac, and suffer greatly when their activity is thwarted, or if they are tasked with something they loathe doing.  In addition, anyone born between March 1972 and January 1974 should experience major shifts as Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn were in early degrees of the cardinal signs at the time.  Take a look at any chance encounter or event that occured roughly twelve months ago (around July 7, 2009) and six months ago (January 15, 2010).  This should clue you to the core issues that will be coming to a climax around January 26th.   The energy of Cancer and Capricorn at polar opposite ends can be experienced as the tension between an obsessive desire to establish a successful, authoritative identity on one end, and/or fulfill a deep need for service and caring on the other.  Neither of these inclinations are bad or good, the problem is when taken to the extreme, they can turn into blind drives and fixation, eventually leading to separation/loss/helplessness.  For example, on a national scale, look at the BP oil crisis and the healthcare bill.  On a personal level, look at how the archetypes of father and mother play out in your life.  Has the desire for recognition or material gain led to a breakdown in your life?  On the other end, has an overzealousness to be needed fostered someone else’s dependency and your own exhaustion?  Where in your life are you frustrated/sick/tired? 

The good news is there’s an opportunity for a huge realization at this eclipse!  The Jupiter/Uranus and Saturn opposition is like a galactic light saber intersecting the Cancer/Capricorn tug-of-war.  It’s like a referee saying you’re going to lose some major points for your foul behaviour, but we can relieve your pain if you put your ego aside.  On a national scale, I interpret this as a potential solution to stop and clean up the BP oil spill.  At least, we hope so.  On a personal scale and depending on the houses where the cardinal cross aspects your natal planets, it can mean the following: expanding one’s faith and abiliity in one’s talents; re-commiting to the same goals without the temper tantrum; trying out something you’ve been resisting for a long time.   It could mean working with other people differently while radically letting go of previously held beliefs about them.  With these planets from four directions coming to a head-on collision, it won’t be the smoothest of realizations, but it’s an opportunity to break an old stalemate. 

I want to add that there’s never any judgment when we get carried away and we’re faced with a huge disappointment we know we could have avoided.  Beating ourselves up– “Oh why didn’t I see that?  Why didn’t I slow down?  Why didn’t I backup that document?  Why can’t I let go?”– is not part of the lesson plan.  The crisis shows us where we need to pay more attention to our blindspots.   We could fall into anger, complaint and despair because we don’t believe our disaster is reparable.   The lesson is about planting the apple seed even when it seems the world has come to an end.   I was ready to give up on astrology, until the planets started talking to me– not in a UFO sense (in this instance anyway!) but through their aspects and alignments with my own chart.

The new moon/solar eclipse on July 11, 2010 provides a grand finale to our authority/nuture theme… until January 4th and July 1st in 2011 (and then we get a break for a few years).   The Sun and Moon are in Cancer this time,  without opposition!  In fact, the father/mother planets have no hard aspects at all– instead, there’s an exact sextile from Mars in Virgo, which shows that if we allow ourselves to eat some humble pie after the lunar eclipse on June 26th, and be willing to apply ourselves despite the odds, we will receive new support around July 11th.  Of course, the T-Square between Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter/Uranus will still be at play.  So stay tuned….  


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